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Photos saw engagement drop by about the same amount. It can be assum that a new ranking algorithm is being test to support videos with ad insertion. On average video activity decreas across all social networks.    and similar formats likely influenc interest in regular video posts. Average engagement rates by audience size For pages with fewer subscribers the average engagement rate drops several times while pages of other sizes see no significant change. Significant change in engagement The average engagement rate for all types of pages increas which may indicate that the social network is aggressively removing bots.

The positive development of

Compar to last year there was a significant 1 Cameroon Phone Number List million subscribers twice for channels with 10000 viewers and a significant increase for other pages. almost no change at all. For  the value changes the most for profiles with a smaller audience engagement increases by a factor of 2 while for profiles with a larger audience engagement decreases. According to the average engagement rate the social network has begun to stimulate the activity of new writers and show their videos in the fe more frequently. And there were no significant changes in indicators similar to previous years. The conclusions are bas on the average statistics of.

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Increase five times for channels with

Indicates that the social network has begun to stimulate the activity of new authors and feature their videos more frequently in .  of larger and more popular authors but also significantly increas the volume of content on the social network. Additionally we found an unusual correlation when processing the raw statistics by posting time as indicat by the colors America Email the social channels       and  had nearly identical activity times separat by hours. Meanwhile for and  the highest activity occurs at a later time. It can be assum that the.

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