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Account has a budget. . Reject ads for review are easy to notice in the general list with a r dot appearing next to them. Since the review process is automat reviews can go from two-thirds very quickly. Pass Once review you will receive a notification on the page as well as notifications for comments likes etc. and an email. If the review rejects the ad the process will be delay you will have to wait for manual verification. In case of a dispute you will ne the help of technical support who will have to wait a few days for an answer. How to find out why your ad was reject Go to the bulletin level. Select an ad that has not been approv and proce to it it.

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A panel will appear above the it window Canadian Biotechnology Email List with information on the reason for the rejection. There is also a Request Manual Verification button.  Sometimes ads are left pending for a long time. This is due to a technical issue copying the ad and awaiting its review or creating the ad from scratch. Write to Support Chat. The ad on was reject even though it did not violate the rules. If your ad is disapprov even if you disagree with the reason. How to appeal or your review results if there is no request manual verification button or this method does not work please contact technical support directly. and the reason for the request.

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Ads take a long time to approve

My ad was disapprov or My ad is under America Email review.  mail but you may also encounter situations where you speak to people. However you shouldn’t count on this to immiately write a request in English. Even a simple Google Translator can be useful Relat articles Audience Activity in Social Networks The Year Survey; Effective Targeting; Social Network Advertising Opportunities and Prospects for the Format; Launching and Setting Up Ads More Effectively; The Year Marketer Must Have relevant figures and facts. Let’s admit it right away It’s more correct to ask the question but also with the advent of fes fe formation has chang in nature.

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