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On it. monthly active users estimat at 100 million. It is the seventh most visit social network in the world according to .  network ranking has more than 10000 users from all over the world every day.  In Russia the annual download volume is 10000 times. Judging by the number of downloads this is the fourth row. India tops the list with 100 million installs. The countries with the most installs have had more than 100 million downloads since launch. This is the most popular app of the era. Users spend billions of hours on the Internet every year.

The world’s most visit social

For marketers a particularly interesting Ghana Phone Number List fact about . The Russian audience is women. of users are between 1 and 2 years old.  is teenagers the audience is 10-year-old users. Audience distribution in Russia The company said Russians watch an average of 100 million videos per month last year. Douyin data In 2019 Russian users post about 10000 videos per month. Douyin data In 2019 Russian users spent tens of thousands of hours on Twitter. Year-over-year growth according to the 2019 State of Mobile report. According to analysts in the fourth quarter of 2019 alone it generat more than $10000 in in-app revenue.

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Of course the most active audience

A colleague of mine got an even bigger figure about US dollars. Compar with the last quarter of the year it has increas. to analyze your account America Email as well as your competitors in detail. The service will help you identify the most popular content the best time to post it and other analytical data with just a few mouse clicks. Now the tool is completely free to use with With the use of. An important fact about. of audience activity occurr on weekends Saturday and Sunday each. According to the 2010 Social Network Audience Behavior Study the site’s audience shows the greatest response to content these days. Smaller accounts have very.

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