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Audience andproducts or services. Not just the first page, but other pages as well. Writing content that is friendly and able to reach the feelings of the website audience. will make a good impression ever Create a story to tell Every business wants viewers to come back to visit our website always. So creating a story (Storytelling) should be us as one of the strategies for making a website. That story should be relevant to what we do. The story is possible in terms of the origins and origins of the business, not just when the business was start, what to do, but the story should be carri out in terms of creating emotional feelings.

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Or sharing good stories that leave an impression Chad Email List on the audience want to come to us and tell about it in the future clearly state the intent The result of making a website for that business There is always a ne to measure what you want website visitors to do with us, for example, want them to read more about our services. would like to be contact for inquiries want to buy products online So creating a button Call-to-action Therefore, it is important to create a good website. It depends on your business goals and website design.

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Making a good website

Make the logo clear What is indispensable America Email in doing business is that you must have a clear identity. This means your brand’s logo. When creating a website, one must remember to place the logo in an appropriate location, clearly and align with the branding guidelines. Ideally, the logo should be at the top of the website. May be on the left, right or middle depending on the design. And many websites place their logos at the bottom of their website.

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