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Least 1 blogger  repetition: if you only put one or two videos on the grid no one will know. Using an Unoptimiz Website Even if you produce a unique product that has no analogues in the world a poorly optimiz website can dampen the strongest desires to buy your product. To attract buyers it is important that the website is simple understandable and loads quickly from any device. The average modern user is unwilling to spend more than seconds to wait for the page to load. Also it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices and tablets. Social mia users mostly see your ad from their mobile phones which means it is.

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Important that the site is optimiz for  conversion El Salvador B2B List rates. It is important to buy reliable hosting and get connect so as not to lose customers. Bartering Jobs Many advertisers prefer to work with bloggers on a barter basis. Formally there is nothing wrong with this in fact bloggers are irresponsible with this format. If you don’t stimulate the blogger with additional monetary rewards his interest will decrease which will most likely affect the quality of the ad posting. Bas on my experience the best form of collaboration with bloggers is barter commerce. Scoring bloggers bas on their content Judging bloggers by their content is not the most successful strategy. For example the model you want to order an ad for your brand of underwear.

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Is likely to be sign by a young person . A blogger America Email who blogs about cartoons can get subscrib by insolvent children who can’t buy your brand of toys even if they really want to. Therefore these bloggers will not bring you real sales. If the blog’s subscribers are your potential customers it would make more sense to give the advertising publication to bloggers who maintain blogs that are off topic from your brand. Therefore when choosing a blogger first of all don’t focus on his content but focus on the target audience who subscribes to him. Ads can easily fit into any content if necessary.

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