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Mobile phone oyalty of your audience and help you make purchasing decisions which means speing up the decision-making process. Continuing the helpful article How Not to Advertise with Bloggers Share: Most brands make the same mistake when advertising with bloggers. PR experts talk about the absolute do’s and don’ts when working with influencers. Only Work With Blogger Millionaires At first glance it might seem that the easiest and most effective way to advertise with bloggers is to work with bloggers who have an audience of millions. Just one article is enough to present your product to a large audience.

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A closer look reveals that this judgment was Grenada B2B List wrong. . Millionaire bloggers have low audience engagement high prices low trust and excessive promotional content. In essence advertising in Millionaire is more like advertising on TV. If you spend your advertising budget on individual bloggers with an audience of 10000 subscribers it will bring in more sales. Microbloggers are said to have high audience engagement   affordable prices rubles per post high levels of trust and do not abuse advertising content. By the way many of them agre to barter to work. Using the same tactic on different bloggers Nothing destroys the trust of your audience more than the same ad post from different people. It’s fine when one blogger praises.

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Product with a color but it’s bad enough when ten bloggers praise the same product with the same wording.  to multiple blogs at the same time America Email keep in mind that the text must be unique. Be sure to let the blogger himself participate in the creative creation of the product. Highlight the different benefits of your product so potential buyers will trust the recommendation. Advertisers who pitch too many bloggers are expecting the effect of placing an ad publication with one or more bloggers and are surpris when they don’t get it. You ne to understand that in order for blogger ads to bring in real sales you ne to work with at.

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