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The best analytical service in the budget of Antigua and Barbuda B2B List the number of plays. All: Advertising Bloggers Audiences & Promotions Social Share:  Audiences & Promotions Sure you’ve heard of it and maybe even us it. what is tiktok is an app for making short music videos and messages. Already popular in China the video platform is rapidly growing in other countries as well. Today the number of users exces 100 million according to the company. These users are mainly children and teens who are social network users under the age of 10. App Overview The app interface is very simple and consists of five sections: Main.

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A summary of posts from users you follow. Interesting: A fe with America Email popular videos and recommendations. Button to add video. notify. profile page.  You can shoot videos directly in the app or download ready-made videos and add various filters effects masks and objects music. Followers on  are call followers. Like counts for all videos are aggregat and display on the profile. Homepage Music in the service’s library appears as a result of a yearly purchase of the service. TikTok content currently videos are frivolous and simple: users dance and open their mouths to the music imitate singing drinking friends shoot humorous videos and video challenges prevail. This trend will only continue to intensify. Apps evocative or vertical content short videos user.

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