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methods. Usually they favor a  Engagement rate An indicator of the level degree of engagement receiv from an audience. There are three main types of engagement rates by day Daily Engagement Rate or Days by Position Engagement Rate or Position and by Reach Engagement rate by reach or . It is worth noting that foreign services and companies rarely separate indicators by type in one case you can call a classic indicator and in another you can call it so when developing services  we immiately start separating these metrics.

Few basic formulas and definitions

so that there was no confusion.   Metrics Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List Affect Engagement Rate by Reach The basic formula for a single post is as follows Reach Engagement Rate Calculation The final value will show the percentage of people who are active on a particular post. The average error rate will show the average percentage of people who were interest in a page’s posts among those who saw those posts. One of the downsides of this metric is that reach data is only available to page admins and cannot be calculat when it is not relat to a page except for open stats for some pages on . Another disadvantage is more serious coverage is relative.

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Types and Meanings of Different

These numbers can change under the America Email influence of various factors the time of day the  page weight of users in social networks with algorithmic fes etc. For the most part social networks don’t separate reach from followers and total reach. In this case publications with sufficient viral potential viral entry beyond the community due to sharing and in the dynamics of their friends and subscribers will receive greater reach and relatively low Engagement relative to total reach numbers. As a result the percentage of publications will drop. In another case especially for social networks with algorithmic fes a post might appear on the fe of.

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