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Spaces and indentation. User Activity in Colleges Universities Email List Social Networks in Years A Large Study; The Law; Useful Browser Extensions for Marketers; How to Analyze Your Opponents in Social Networks Everything You Ne. Promote on google with target advertising; features for effectively setting up and running ads on How to pass the review key points and subtleties Social sharing Advertisements plac on the official market platform ne to be review. At this stage the social network checks the quality of your ad and the website you are promoting. We talk about audit requirements audit features and address common issues.

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Moderation works on the principle that America Email moderation is handl by humans. As a result sometimes the human element is trigger and the host is wrong when deciding whether or not to show footage. Therefore non-compliant creatives may be rotat. how to pass review All live ads are automatically sent for review. It can also be automatically sent for review when a job ad is it. Go to Ad Accounts. Set up your campaign and save it. Change ad status from Stopp to Activat The status will change to Under review. This means the ad is under review. How to get your ad review by sending your ad to Once approv the status will change to Running Out.

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