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Of employees All that’s left to do with using social networking in the Internet is to put theory into practice. No matter which department uses social mia it must keep its primary function and goals in mind when planning a strategy. Free translations of articles from . Continue to useful articles How to increase the activity of social network communities; Group community management how to organize work effectively; How to ruce dependence on social networks if this is your job. New Trends in Game-Bas Social Networking Social Sharing New Trends in Social Networking Thousands of applications.

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Games videos and other mia creations are Electric Email List day. But only a few can be successful and popular. Today we will look at a successful example of the new trend of game-bas social networking. In just a few days has become The most popular game of all time; The fastest growing game and app in history; More popular than Maps   ; Never before has a game attract so many people away Take to the streets parks museums shops. What is so special about her First off the game is location-dependent which means that Pokémon lying on the couch cannot be found and you ne to run to the ground to find them. Second the.

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Pokémon brand plays a big role and  and difficulty America Email of catching them. As a result the augment reality game has gain a lot of fans who go crazy when rare Pokémon appear. That’s what people were trying to capture last week in New York’s Central Park. Just two weeks after the release of the blockbuster novelty game  Nintendo’s shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange have risen in value. More than 10000 Americans have install the app and the game generates more than $10000 a day. The game recently surpass   and . It’s no longer a joke because wherever there are so many people there are local businesses trying to capitalize on the new trend in social networking. Virtual and augment.

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