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Is short text below photos in your account. You can write up to a maximum of characters of text for your post. If this amount is not enough the blogger will move some entries to the first comment. Tags are add to photo captions or users are tagg. signature. The main thing is not to overuse their quantity. What does a signature contain First the caption of the photo is the functional part of the post. Here bloggers talk about the products they are promoting while brands communicate key messages that cannot be express visually.

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For example they talk about new collections North Korea B2B List or detail descriptions of contests.  bloggers on the Internet using the platform to post small texts. Hot topics: Proper nutrition exercise personal care recipes parenting travelogues. Sometimes serious or controversial topics are brought up leading to interesting and lengthy discussions in the comments.  and this update shows that the platform is inde moving beyond visual content. How to tag someone in a photo caption Users can be tagg in posts in two ways: on the image or in the caption. To tag people in a photo click the three dots in the upper right corner of the photo then click it. Click on the People tab in the lower left corner and a window.

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Will open where you can tag the user anywhere America Email in the photo start typing his nickname. With this tagging option. The user will be notifi about it and the photo will appear in the With you section of his account. To tag someone in your signature add the symbol and start typing a nickname You will see a list of users in a tooltip select the user you ne. Users will receive a notification that they were mention in a post but the post cannot be found on their profile. How to Use Emojis in Your Signature To add an emoji simply add it to the text of your post. Audiences have mix attitudes towards emoji in text. The best use of emoji is to highlight the main points in a post. For example use color squares or dots to make bullet lists. This way your title will stand out.

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