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How to view statistics the easy way; what is a viral post and such as engagement rate   How to correctly calculate engagement rate in social view we decid to thoroughly analyze the question of how the audience participation coefficient degree or level should be calculat which formula is the most correct and why. Engagement Rate Page Engagement Rate a metric showing the percentage of your audience that is active in your publication. Short answer bas on generally accept formulas Engagement rate sum of all reactions comments retweets Number of subscribers Average engagement rate sum of all reactions comments retweets for all posts Number of posts Number of subscribers Daily engagement rate.

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Daily Sum of all reactions comments Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List retweets for all posts Subscribers Formula Engagement Rate If you ne an idea of ​​what a good your page performs at it then check out the full version of our research from the past few years They calculat the average engagement rate of pages in different social networks statistics for this indicator are in the last section Audience Activity Year Audience Activity Year Audience Activity Next we will tell you in more detail what engagement rate is and what calculations exist Methods why they are good and what are their disadvantages First let’s look at the main definitions that can come in handy but are often confus with engagement rate Engagement Units of audience response likes I like.

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Like comment share Share shares America Email sometimes clicks link clicks reactions and dislikes or retweets. Engagement  engagements. Engagement level like rate Likes by audience size all Total likes number of subscribers. Sociability level talk rate Number of comments express as audience size total number of subscribers for all comments. When calculating average publication volume add the number of entries to the denominator Reach is defin as reaching at least Number of people who have seen a publication or ad once. Number of views Number of times a post has been view. There is no consensus on foreign engagement calculation.

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