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When they were publish. ontent is more appealing to your target audience. Content analysis and audience preference analysis in In  you can create reports with just a few clicks and upload statistics and analytics to . Audience Insights Free audience profiling and analytics tools reveal potential customer demographics interests and behaviors. Go to the Links section or go to the Audience Demographics section in . Audience Analysis Tool To start analyzing on  click Create Audience and choose from three options All Users Users associat with your page Custom Audiences In the left column set the audience you want to analyze Your Page.

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Subscribers users you connect to or your Engineering Email List interest audience. When setting up goals the settings are the same as in an ad account gender A behavior page links. Analytics data is divid into groups for analyzing US audience groups including households and purchases sections Demographics age gender marital status ucation job title. Page Likes target audience and the pages those people follow. Locations of Likes on Pages Follow by Users The city country and language of the audience you’re analyzing. Actions Frequency of actions how often audiences subscribe to pages comment on posts like and retweet publications and the device us for access. Once the device analysis for login is complete you can save.

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The creat audience and then set up ads for it. Lookalike audiences will find you leads. To do this he nes to know who your customers or readers are. To America Email do this place one on the site or choose a page you must be its administrator the new audience should be similar to its subscribers. Go to the Audiences section in via link  and click Create Lookalike Audience. Select Audience Source must contain at least People. The settings requir to create lookalike audience adjustments in Lookalike Audiences. To select the highest quality audience choose the.

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