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Advertise themselves learn new things and buy. This means that the competition for the attention of subscribers is increasing making it more difficult to move forward. Analytics provide us with data to better understand the following points: Target audience: who reads your channel what is important to them when are they most active what posts are best for their most interesting material: Most view most retweet best advertis creative : which channels can advertise how responsible are they for recruiting subscribers how fast are they.

Competitors and potential partners

Growing which channels are you competing Cambodia B2B List with for subscribers What data can be obtain by the attention use itself in the list In 2019 analysts and administrators were provid with convenient tools for use in channels and chat tools.  data to track the behavior of your audience. You don’t ne to connect additional services and bots although the possibilities for internal statistics are very limit.  must be a channel admin with permission to post and invoke the channel menu and select Statistics. The following are the data you can get by itself: Comprehensive statistics: the number of subscriptions and views of dynamic posts the number of dynamic reposts and the proportion of subscribers who open notifications.

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This makes it easier to get analytics

Growth Shows changes in the number of America Email subscribers to the channel. Subscribers: A more detail subscriber chart The number of people who unsubscrib and subscrib per specific date. Notifications: Which days the. Subscriber turns channel notifications on or off. Per hour Channel stats in  which services and bots. Are available for any channel in. Analytics and what life hacks to use to understand exactly who your target audience is. Why do annual channels ne analytics  

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