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Too Soon and the campaign s. Reviewing reject ads will receive a reject status. If on the listing page you’ll see the reason for the rejection. How long does it take for a review to spe up the process with big accounts that managers communicate personally with social networks. To become a partner you ne to confirm your expertise in target advertising and spend a lot of money on advertising. There is no logical layout ne to clearly connect the institution. What to do if your ad is disapprov Not all ads on the website are review.

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This usually happens due to not following the rules. But sometimes the ad can be resubmitt for review. If you are sure the ad complies with the rules make a change for example change the dot because but the reason may be that the rules are violat in Canadian Colleges Universities Email List this case follow moderation.  fix if you play by the rules in everything you do resolve issues through review and sometimes disputes arise where you think the ad is correct but the ad is still reject. In this case please contact support. Responses take anywhere from a few hours to two days but you’ll discuss the issue in detail send the necessary documentation and certify that your actions work. turn up. advertise. Bullet text requires that the ad must be spell correctly.

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Use capital letters only for mark initials or America Email trademarks.copy of the found trademark registration certificate is sent to the support staff. Stop comparing yourself to your competitors. You can’t use a superlative adjective best restaurant in town without citing research to back it up. Image Requirements Images and videos should be of good quality free of annoying fonts and have clear text. The ratio of text to image should not exce . You may not post graphic or scary images alcohol and tobacco products in photos or videos. By the way if you want to better understand the preferences of your target audience the above analysis can be useful for you. With its help you can analyze any account study advanc.

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