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The various tabs Review. content audience. study. Creator Studio Data Analytics Opportunities Let’s look at them individually. Key Performance Indicators. Key metrics cards show views watch time and follower count. If you are a member of the partner program you also have an overview. Also on this tab you will find the following reports Common on Channels. Data for an entire channel or a single video. The most popular content of the period. Current stats for past most view videos. Channel performance for the last hour or hours. validity of the story.you will see detail general statistics and specific content traffic source city viewer age etc.

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Period year and first day are compar. Content Uzbekistan B2B List Your tab collects information about how viewers search for interact with and watch content.  information in the All Videos Clips Broadcasts and Posts tabs Comments. View rights for regular videos broadcasts and short films show count and video watch time. The number of times the user saw the previous video icon number of times the view was start CTR Total watch time. Information about the number of users acquir from searches channel pages external unknown and other sources. Mark indicator-critical interactions. Mission Impressions Video Views.

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CTR and Average Watch¬† an ongoing America Email basis. Key audience retention data. Which segments of your video are the most popular and grab the viewer’s attention. Best video clip recording. Most Popular Videos. sound. The number of remixes of your video and their views as well as the most popular remixes. Record impressions. How many times viewers have seen your remix post. Pay attention to the following funnels which will help to improve content quality and click-through rate How video viewing sources and viewing time appear more frequently in the story list and increase the number of views Social sharing How to increase the original number of views and Stories on.

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