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Subscribers List Pay-Per-View ads range from dollar to dollar per view depending on the theme of the channel the advertiser and the location of the viewer. According to the annual report the average revenue per view call is about USD. So if you get a view then you get about $$. Richest Channels in Russia According to the Forbes report the list of richest channels in Russia is as follows: Estimat Advertising Revenue: USD Estimat Advertising Revenue: USD Curry Chicken Estimat Advertising Revenue: USD Estimat Advertising Revenue.

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USD Estimat Advertising Revenue: USD USA Phone Number List Today due to  affiliate programs in Russia and Google Ads revenue has been disabl so it is difficult to make an objective assessment of revenue. How to become a successful blogger Pick a Niche Niche is the theme of your channel. Defining a niche market is one of the critical steps in building a successful channel. When choosing a niche market there are several factors to consider. First choose a topic that interests you and that you are willing to study for a long time. You have to enjoy the process of creating content or you will burn out very quickly. The second is the research competition. Choose a niche market that has demand but not many competitors.

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This will allow you to reach your audience more easily and grow faster on the platform. Third make sure the niche you choose has business America Email potential.  choose a niche where there are profitable opportunities such as selling products sponsorships advertising and other opportunities. Fourth pay attention to platform dynamics and changes. Constantly changing your chosen niche may lose popularity over time. Therefore there is a ne to constantly analyze trends and changes on the platform and adapt to it. Examples of successful niche games. Let’s play and review some popular games that not everyone can play due to price and system.

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