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Carousel with a continuation of text that doesn’t fit into the signature. Carousel is gaining popularity The ability to publish multiple frames in one article appear in .  all content. This ratio increas to . Also in month and year more carousels were publish than videos. If we evaluate the dynamics by months it is clear that this format is becoming more and more popular. Percentage of carousel posts with photos and videos on carousel getting more engagement Carousel Average. For posts with photos . For video posts . Sometimes it will be higher if the carousel contains all possible slides. But only analysis posts consist of slides.

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Most of the carousels post on have a Estonia Phone Number List  slideshow. Posts with Photos and Videos Alternatively you can use Analytics for any page on your posts.  content is getting more engagement and reach and why. More slides more Carousels with the most slides get the highest engagement. But the correlation doesn’t go straight from two slides to seven slides it goes down. It grows on posts containing slides. The highest number of posts containing slides is . Also more than a third of the carousels of contain slides and contain slides. So if you want to do a carousel post on  it’s best to prepare frames at a time and don’t limit yourself to frames. Engagement on carousel posts depends on number of slides Can I combine photo.

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An video carousels on my carousel America Email An analysis of 10000 carousel posts show that the combination of the two mia formats increas engagement by as much as . However this format is rarely us and only the posts examin in the study includ both photos and videos. They are more popular than photo carousels accounting for all carousel posts. The carousel for contains videos only. Video-only carousels scor slightly higher than photo posts in  respectively. Exploring Content Types in Carousel Posts Comments and Content.

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