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Brain women have a larger proportion of the frontal lobe which is responsible for decision-making and situational control while men are responsible for space. The perceptual brain is more develop. and responses to danger. that 100% of purchases are made by women and half of the time they are buyers of traditionally male merchandise. In most cases men’s product ads are only aim at men and there is a high chance that they will not reach the target audience. The Association of Electronic Commerce Companies   conduct a study on online commerce in the first half of 2019 which show that men are willing to spend more.

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Than women when it comes to sales.  purchas Japan Phone Number List for up to a thousand rubles and women do not exce rubles. According to the above-mention work by LuAnn Brisentine   women are more empathetic and more attentive to new information. . When buying something women are more likely to connect and evoke emotions that lead to sales. Men pay less attention to details and focus on the function of the product and the status of the owner. In addition men were more likely to understand short statements and were more willing to be provok by jokes. Also men generally prefer competition while women desire to be strong and stand out. The gender marketing example study is clear now let’s look at.

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Specific examples of ads targeting men and America Email women. Example of a male beer ad that jokingly shows. Competition and violence: A hilarious shampoo. Ad for men that humorously shows the difference between shampoo for men and shampoo for women. By the way here’s an example. Of a 2-in-1 ad that promotes men’s and women’s products in one video: We wrote above that of purchases are made by women and half of the time they are buyers of traditional men’s goods. The popular ad has 10000 views on Facebook showing us just how competitive male users can be.

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