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Better organization of ad accounts and opportunities to aggregate audiences. And Facebook the social network has become more focus on sales and branding. Next year the platform will definitely develop in this direction.  a year ago about testing the shopping service. In 2019 we only receiv brand mentions in posts. Maybe in the next month there will be in-app purchases. Products and Visual Search This is what product announcements and visual search look like on the web. Object recognition in photos has been working on it for years.

The company made an announcement

Six months ago the  about the progress Sudan B2B List and methods of artificial intelligence training work. This technology has multiple applications. In addition to the photo classification that developers usually talk about we are also interest in image search. and Similar to what is already running in . In social networks however the technology is us differently for forming recommendations and for positioning. The system will also be able to analyze photos of people in addition to the text messages they share. Considering users’ love for visual content these statistics-bas data will be very useful for gathering target audience. Object Recognition on Photos Showcases How Algorithms Can Recognize Objects in Photos The story format was popular this year.

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In August alone half of ad budgets came from America Email Stories.  in 2010. Maybe we’ll get augment reality objects like or new advertising opportunities in this format. So Key trends of the year mobile nothing new video and the development of new technologies. There have been multiple announcements this month but the company hasn’t hint at new features. We guess the plans for the year of the social network bas on its features. The technology is being actively develop. Therefore in the near future we are waiting.

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