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An you might use it. a big platform. What Metrics Mean in Statistics Let’s start with the basics of analytics those are the basics of mia planning by the way and you know what to Google if you want to learn more. Impressions is the total number of impressions for your posts. All pageviews are count here that is a user has record this indicator multiple times. cover area Measures the number of people who have seen your content. Reach only evaluates unique users. That is how many people you reach. We’ve written more about coverage in another article. Additionally statistics provide information on four types of coverage.

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Total coverage is the total number of all users Paraguay B2B List parameters list below. Subscriber Reach The number of users who saw the post and subscrib to the community. Virality refers to the number of users who saw the material even though they did not subscribe to the community for example they saw a retweet on a friend’s page or receiv the post in a private message. Ad Reach Users reach through paid promotions. How to view the statistics of the community  to view page statistics: built-in statistics own account; use analysis services in social networks own page and other people’s pages. Pages and Groups have the same stats so we agree that we’ll tell you everything right away. The simplest numbers can be obtain directly on the community page: views likes comments retweets subscriptions of publications.

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All users can see this information. View the America Email group’s public stats For a more detail analysis of the stats go to the Statistics section. In the mobile app on the community page in the upper right corner click the gear and select Statistics in the window. By default detail statistics are only available to administrators but can be made available to everyone. This feature is intend for public property owners who sell ads: public statistics prove that placing in the community will be effective. To change access to community data scroll to the very bottom of the stats page.

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