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Option that’s convenient for you press the center button then press the top right button for creating a new video or scroll to the left and choose a reel format when creating a new story or post.  central button and shoot a video of the desir length in one shot or in segments. For convenience turn on the timer. The next step is to add music and effects. If the video is ready and nes to be upload to it is the same as the above method enter the create and then click the button in the lower left corner to add the video that has been taken. loading.

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Now add music and effects.creation screen Bottom center button for shooting video tools for iting overlaying music and effects on the left.  to Colombia Phone Number List promote on Reel promotions have their own rules and characteristics. In order to get views on your videos there are a few things you ne to keep in mind. Let us consider them in more detail. The key idea of ​​a creative video is the secret to its success. Decide on a topic and try to express your ideas as clearly and easily as possible. Life hack Ask a friend of yours to watch the video ask how he feels what he understands from the video and compare it to the original intention. Keep in mind the on-site requirements for video duration seconds.

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Short videos are easier to watch which helps America Email the algorithm understand how interesting you are and recommend it to other subscribers. Video Quality Emphasis on high-quality video content. It does this with good exposure light interesting frame changes vibrant colors stylish video processing. A musical register can create a certain mood and help convey your ideas. Find new items in the library follow popular music and be sure to try it out. Videos bas on an understandable trend are also includ because.

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