The third strategy

Of the marketing mix. Regarding the product (Product), price (Price), distribution channel (Place) and promotion (Promotion), the P concept may not be enough anymore. because of the entry of the internet world, coupl with changing consumer behavior And it is an era of customer centricity (Customer Centric). Therefore, to understand consumer behavior in terms of marketing, it is necessary to develop a marketing concept call C. In fact, P and C are the same . But just change to look at the point of . or can be call to look at it more deeply than before This allows us to communicate directly to the point and meet the nes of consumers faster.

The second strategy

Follow the table below. P C Product (product) product Armenia Email List development or services to meet consumer nes that mainly focuses on creating value for the product which includes both tangible and intangible goods, such as service and experience Customer (customers) change their perspective to look at the nes of cThe TOWS Matrix is ​​a comparative analytical tool to choose the right strategy to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the company, such as higher sales. increas profits TOWS Matrix is ​​bas on SWOT.

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An example of using

Analysis us for auditing and analyzing your business, which is the first step of doing any business, while TOWS Matrix is ​​the next step in business planning. TOWS Matrix Proactive Strategy SO Strategies (Strengths and Opportunities) The first and foremost strategy is to use the company’s internal strengths. And make the most of the external opportunities available, such as your company being the first to emerge in AI technology. and the market tends to grow Together with the government’s announcement of the Thailand . policy, it is an opportunity to expand the business at full spe.

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