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Connections between friends and family within social networks.  ranking algorithm uses machine learning to analyze your behavior on social networks creating a personaliz fe for each user. Even if two people follow the same list of accounts their newsfes will vary bas on interactions with those accounts. Next let’s take a closer look at what affects the work on the above. Interests prict your interest in a post bas on your previous activity on similar content. The similarity of publications is also determin by machine vision. Associations prioritize recent publications.

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Relationship determines how close you are Croatia B2B List to the author of the post. Comments under his photo and tags on joint photos will be taken into account. additional ranking factors represent three additional factors that have been identifi that affect the display of posts in fes. how often you visit Frequency of  The algorithm tries to show you the best posts since your last visit. Number of Subscriptions If you follow a large number of accounts the algorithm selects a variety of posts to add to your fe so you are less likely to see posts from specific people. Behavior how much time you spend in the app and how you view content quickly scroll through the fe or log into your account and view the posts there. Misconceptions About.

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Algorithms  misconceptions about how things work especially how information fes are display. Misunderstandings as well as factors that actually affect the flow of information on work without a recovery timeline plan. This will complicate America Email the usage of the service. However the company listen to user dissatisfaction with the current algorithm. Gradually its work will change. Posts in will not be hidden just rank. If you scroll long enough you’ll see publications from all the accounts you follow. Algorithms do not prioritize video posts over photo posts. It analyzes which content a user watches more often and is more likely to get posts containing such content in his personaliz fe. is not.

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