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Such as banks that have adapt to the digital age. that provides a channel for making transactions via Internet Banking or even using applications Not only in the banking business, but many businesses such as various types of stores also bring technology to help increase customer convenience. and make a difference from these different with a variety of products Another way to implement differentiation strategies is a greater variety of products. In an era where customers are looking for many products that can meet their nes. Customers will find the right product for themselves. Therefore, the more variety a brand can offer, the better.

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That brand will gain more positions in the hearts Indian Email List of customers. Difficult to imitate ( Imitability ) How difficult are the resources we have to imitate? And if competitors want to imitate, how much will it cost? What is the cost of product research and development? organization management (Organization) Are there enough resources to support the work within the organization? Management is appropriate to how much, for example, employees are qualifi enough in the position. The support team is enough to do the job.

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Other resources to support the work America Email Example VRIO Framework Example VRIO Framework Grey Arrow If the resources you have are not yet able to create enough value You may ne to find out from the outside (Outsource) to create value. If the resources you have are already valuable But it is also something that is available and everywhere. It’s still not that bad compar to its competitors. If resources are valuable and scarce But still not expensive enough to imitate. That means you have a temporary competitive advantage. Competitors may try to imitate it in the near future.

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