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Korea Türkiye UK US. e an impact on user behavior the main findings hold true for all countries. Why people ne growing user loyalty. More than half of respondents have start using social networks more frequently in the past year and 50% expect to use social networks more frequently in the next year. This growth ensures and private messaging success. Users around the world use it for similar reasons. Social Networking: allows you to communicate with family and friends; interacts with celebrities; interacts with bloggers; keeps up with trends; helps to interact with brands. For Different.

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Ages People of all ages open social networks Nicaragua B2B List several times a day. active: the age group leads the way representatives of this age group visit several times a day. However even among the audience over the age of 10 there are those who visit multiple times during the day. The frequency of use depends on the age and interests of the audience. People who don’t watch TV will watch. Marketers often use online advertising to support TV campaigns. However some users do not watch TV at all or are distract by their phones during commercial breaks. You can contact these people using . Nearly half of social network users don’t watch.

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TV during the workday but at the same America Email time some of them admit they are ready to engage with brands through it research shows. content they want to see from brands that typically advertise on TV. The results show that users prefer short videos: under seconds seconds seconds. For one in three users it’s important that an ad is relevant to them. A third of users want ads to blend into the fe and another wants to see ads that look natural in the fe. What this means for marketers Checking your assumptions isn’t just about young people. If you keep thinking like this you’re missing out on a huge part of your audience. To more accurately assess which actions have more.

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