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For social sharing and above updates  and Qatar Phone Number List discussions of plans for the coming months. We’ve round up the long-await update from digital marketers and social mia experts. They definitely ne to be kept in mind when planning your 2019 strategy. Shopping tabs and shopping tabs in stories Image tabs with prices and product information that bring users to stores are a retail dream. The feature appear in 2019 but it still doesn’t connect in Russia. Currently shopping tags for Russian accounts are only available for a small number of companies includ in the test sample. This tool is also suitable for long-term online development in.

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Other countries s brand. The help already America Email includes instructions for setting up a shopping tab catalog but the tool itself is not yet available to all Russian advertisers. a specific date but said the tool would be available soon. At the same time in some countries such as Europe and the Unit States they have launch shopping tags in functional upgrades. Shopping Tab Update Story Update Although the format is a far cry from  advertisers should consider this when planning their campaigns for 2019. The ad opens in full screen and our experience suggests that this format’s lower sum may be due to lower competition. Ads in the news fe. The Year of Augment Reality in Ads which showcas ads using augment reality Users see an.

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