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Quality of their photo and video content.  by notifying the corresponding tab itself or of new actions in the account. Tumblr Fe Tumblr Pros: Various posting formats: photo video animation audio favorites text Hashtag search Tight and active community Active retweeting system retweeting Ability to design your own mini-site bas on blog via Great Content for Organic Growth Ability to Track Audience Activity Metrics Blogging is for creators publishers bloggers and brands who are willing to invest in visual content and engage with their followers including self-deprecating. Examples of interesting visual blogs on Useful material.

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Russian and English blogs about updates and Cyprus B2B List news How does it work now and who nes it is a personal recommendation service and publishing platform.  author’s articles and videos in various formats on various topics and a personal fe of interest for each subscriber. A notable feature of Google is its integration with the ecosystem articles appear on the search page by default and if you already have an account it’s easy to start using as a reader. Also contributes to content monetization After the contract is sign ads start to appear in the material and the authors of the channel receive rewards.

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As of the time of publication. Of the article year America Email month. Day  in  channel material is only visible to subscribers. And the monetization system has chang: revenue is generat only when subscribers interact with publications on the channel. However even with this change. Remains one of the important Russian. Sites with a recommender system. And various publication formats: articles long reads posts max characters and max photos videos in various formats . The audience of is quite diverse according to the company the number of audiences is close to 10000 people.

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