The problem of fake negative reviews

More and more dishonest companies are targeting local businesses with fake negative reviews. Overnight, a small business owner may find that his online review profile is overflowing with unsubstantiated and unconvincing negative reviews.

These fake negative reviews are often easy to identify and contain short repetitive sentences, bad grammar, and spelling errors; Typically, a large number of them are posted by anonymous users or reviewers with profiles that don’t resemble the reviewing habits of the average person: they may all be from reviewers who have only publish one review, or they may all “accidentally” review the same companies.

MSP TIP: You can also counter the negative effects of bad reviews by encouraging positive reviews. Brand and community tracking tools can help you find satisfied customers who are more likely to post positive reviews

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Remove fake negative reviews
If you believe that reviews posted on your site are fake or unfounded. You should first check that platform’s review policies to see if anything in the review goes against these policies. FakeĀ database reviews are against all review policies, but being able to identify something specific and mentioning it in a. Complaint to the review platform will increase the chances of a review being removed.

Here’s a video showing how to report a Google My Business Review fraudulent review to Google.

Should you respond to fake reviews?


Even if you report a review as fake, it may take some time before the review platform agrees to remove it, other customers will still be able to see it. Therefore, you should respond to these reviews as if they were real customers.

You can’t change all negative reviews
The best review score on Google averages 4.2-4.5 – above this score, sales tend to drop as there is an illusion that 5 stars is “too good to be true”. So, while a bad review may seem America Email devastating, remember that it also adds a silver lining to your listing’s authenticity. Take a moment to stay calm, consider the client’s perspective, and remember to always be professional, courteous, and constructive.

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