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Base When you determine the quality of your audience you can listen to the page through your advertising account. Buying  At first glance community accommodation may seem cheaper. Let’s look at an example for rubles your post will be seen by about people. We calculate price per impression  and the result is rubles. And the minimum bid for a target ad slot is rubles or even above rubles is recommend. Researching the placement options in public it seems like community hosting is the obvious choice Let’s face it your audience is geographically limit. Suppose Yekaterinburg is a city of one million people.

Community Ads for Regional Projects

What portion of  Yekaterinburg We go to Employment Agencies Email List the ad office and find the community and the city Seeing the geographic location of group members is an important step to avoiding the many mistakes of only one million subscribers. If you post in a group few of the users you reach will be residents of the city you want. By the way when buying ads in a community focus on the reach of your posts not the number of subscribers. We didn’t include this as a separate item because the story is obvious but we warn you just in case. Don’t set the event end time Now in each ad can set the end time to show. But in the fe there are still posts with irrelevant discounts and complet contests. Don’t make this mistake. Depends on your taste.

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Targeting and content strategy is not. Also America Email putting aside your taste they may differ from the audience’s preferences. To tell exactly what’s good and what’s bad you ne to test run multiple and ad banners and compare metrics analyze engagement in publications send mail to understand audience interests. So the probability of error will be very small. do it yourself Without these tools analysis becomes a daunting task. For example for content analysis on social networks try . With it you’ll find the most popular and discuss posts optimal post lengths and posting times. Download the community and analyze it according to different parameters the main graph is locat in the left menu. A convenient way to analyze the content.

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