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If you understand that some videos are not entirely correct it is best to delete or turn off access to them before verification  for verification as a music artist. There are separate verification important notes for musicians! Channel verification and monetization are not in any way connect. These are different unrelat things. ! If you change the name of an authenticat channel you will ne to ro the authentication process. ! Changing your nickname will not cause you to lose your authenticity badge. 

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Contributors who do not abide by the Indonesia Phone Number List terms and conditions may lose their authenticity badge. Also authentication does not prevent the channel from being block. !¬† different so the badge could be seen on channels that didn’t meet the current standards. This also means that rule changes are not retroactive which means that the rule change box is not uncheck at least in theory. Music Artist Verification Music Artists have a dicat page that collects all subscribers and music content from various channels of the author.

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Verification of musical performers also America Email differs in appearance. Instead of a tick musicians get a note: Official music channel requirements:¬† or performer and is manag by the author himself or someone on his behalf; At least one is own by a publisher or record label Upload music videos; the channel adheres to community guidelines terms of use and copyright. You must also meet at least one of the following criteria: Work with a Partner Manager; Participate in a Partner Program; Be part of a brand’s multi-channel network that works with an Affiliate Manager; Distribute your music through.

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