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Week On  engagement by text length remains constant within the one-week distribution. In “The Weekend” the interest in short texts grows deeper on weekends while longer texts read best on Mondays. In  .  and users respond best on Sundays.  general for all social networks the day of the week has little effect on the interest in a text of a certain length. Significantly increas interest in bulk material Monday Wnesday and weekend and short texts Sunday. Average activity across all social networks by length of text in posts and day of week Text length Time of day.

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Interest in short texts barely changes Nondepository Credit Institutions Email List during the day. AM to AM and evening at noon have increas long text time is no longer popular and the most effective gist of long text is evening to PM. There is almost a direct correlation between the number of subscribers and the number of posts averag by length of text in active posts and hour of day across all social networks large pages from 10000 subscribers with more than 10 posts per day. above  is the opposite in small communities each post gets the best engagement. At the same time the total of all books grows proportionally to the number of subscribers and books every day.  number of subscribers of a mium page has more posts but lower per such post.

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Thursday is mia text day

The average of pages by number America Email of followers is above and the best engagement per post is small Accounts up to 10000 subscribers Their average is . However as the number of subscribers increases from million to millionaire accounts there is a noticeable decrease the indicator remains at a certain level. Average Page Engagement calculat by number of followers on On On as on On posts made by large groups coordinate that each group receives Average Page Engagement by Number of Subscribers Highest Engagement per Post Small accounts with the most subscribers perform best while large accounts perform the worst.

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