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Upper right corner of the screen and select Analytics in the drop-down menu. Statistics can be found in the Analysis menu and consists of several sections: Home Below is a general account summary and data for the past days. It shows the options: Number of tweets tweet. post impressions. The number of times your nickname was mention in Tweets mentioning other users. Statistics mentions of your nickname in user tweets Also on the main page of the analysis section there’s also monthly data for Most Popular Tweets Top Followers the newest followers with the most followers Best Mentions the most react Tweets with your nickname and every A short summary of the period: Total.

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Tweets Publish Tweet Impressions Profile Sweden B2B List Visits Mentions New Followers.  is dicat to a detail analysis of all records. Data can be export in format. Tweet Post Analysis At the top is the analytics graph showing your tweets for the relevant period. The default range is days. The table below shows the details of the Tweets: Impressions Interactions and Engagement. Right column chart: participation rate clicks reposts likes replies. Audience built-in analytics tools will show you the demographics and interests of your followers. Popular events discuss on the fan demographics event. There are several categories.

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Events Sports Movies General Trends. Data about these events: when and where they originat and the approximate size of their interest audience. There are three sections hidden in the. More tab of the Top Activity section on the: Videos Beta America Email Data about video views and watch time. Application Manager and Conversion Tracking Since it is not possible to advertise directly on the website in Russia to start it you ne to contact the services of the reseller and a large budget is requir to start the campaign we will not consider these statistics sections. How to use statistics to better understand your audience Data about your subscribers’ age gender location and interests can help you create reader personas. This will help you develop an effective content strategy.

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