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The analysis period: for example from morning to yesterday. Useful relat articles:¬† Mia Audience Social Sharing: Audience of the most popular social networks young people still sit on it Is it really more popular than¬† Are there only merchants or fleeing young people We propose to solve all the eternal questions about audiences in social networks not through controversies and personal experience always a bad idea by the way but through numbers. We’ve gather the latest data from research and social mia platforms to help you forecast and plan your advertising campaigns.

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In order to avoid doubt given the data we Sweden B2B List will state where we obtain these data: . The downside of the data is that the report only ag 10 and 20 who live in cities with a population of at least 10000. But allows you to use the same method to compare different websites. The platform analyzes the activity of users in the social network and any open post or comment is call a message under study. Engagement is the sum of comments likes and retweets. Author A user who leaves at least one message per month. Advertising account data When advertising on social networks you can enter the targeting.

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Of the desir audience in the advertising America Email account and obtain data on the reach of the select audience. We set the requir parameters and estimat the size of the audience. Internet Audience in Russia According to research a total of 10000 people use the Internet every month in Russia. Ten thousand people log on to the network every week and ten thousand people log on to the network every day. -sd Devices: All Devices Social Presentation: Population Over 100000 Meanwhile 10000 people come from mobile devices 10000 people come from desktops. Millions of people access the internet using only mobile devices.

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