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Than subscribers post an article per day on average and accounts with more than subscribers post an article per day.  was strong growth in engagement small communities increas to above  compar to . From an interesting observation accounts of different sizes are almost identical suggesting that the algorithmic fe successfully distributes the attention of the audience between the different pages. Average Page Engagement measur by number of followers on  no matter the size of the account the average number of videos post per day on . Unlike other sites here’s below. Accounts with the most subscribers have the highest engagement.

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The average engagement of the page depends Israel Phone Number List on the number of subscribers. Compar with the year the activity of large accounts is different. Increase. In terms of engagement the leaders are still small customers.   of followers on  big and small accounts average 4 posts per day on . At the same time engagement is higher for smaller accounts. Interestingly is almost proportional to and . Also shows the highest engagement rates for pages of any size. The average engagement of a page depends on the number of subscribers. If we talk about active leaders in other social networks there the average engagement per post is rarely.

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As a result the sample for calculating general statistics has grown substantially this year the total number of publications analyz has exce half a billion America Email public pages only and this time the data did not exclude different geographic regions so the  any time zone. Statistics for   and are supplement. In the context of technological developments in photo and video new social networks with graphic content are becoming more and more important Professional Community  is a photo hosting network mainly aim at photography professionals is constantly increasing its audience. The findings continu the previous year’s.

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