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Posts stay on the account forever while stories disappear after hours. Secondly there are 100 million active users and the format we wrote above has 100 million and it is open in full screen at the same time so the value of a contact in this format is higher. How many stories can you post per day According to Delmondo’s research and common sense few stories work better. However audience engagement remains due to the sheer volume of publications people have already spent a lot of time watching the content so they are interest in scrolling through all the publish stories to the end. Comparison.

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Filter by Length As you can see  a story the Austria B2B List view rate remain almost constant. The numbers are ti to stories within the event and the real-time content immerses users in the atmosphere of the ongoing event. So if you didn’t make it to the top-rat previous story keep shooting engag users also watch the next story. Engagement is highest in the first and last frames of the story. The greatest engagement in a story is in the first and last frame. This applies not only to stories but to video formats in general. In order for the user to see further he nes to be interest in the first frame. If that doesn’t happen it just shuts down your page.

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The Best Time to Post a  forget about when you America Email post your content. For the story format this advice is not entirely objective since a large portion of the content is creat in real time. However the team analyz which times and days of the week are best for arriving. It turns out that late nights and early mornings are best for posting fewer users are creating content at this time so you have a better chance of being featur. Leading the way in engagement were stories publish during the Easter holiday Europe. On weekends users have more time to view content the study’s authors explain. If you want to know when you or any other The best time to post or advertise.

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