Stories Yes if you shoot videos

The study for more details on the importance of publishing time. How to get subscribers Thousands of likes on a video won’t get you popularity and a permanent audience. On the Internet you gain popularity very quickly but you also lose popularity very quickly. The promotion has its unique features. It’s not you that the audience remembers but videos of you doing some interesting and unusual things. So in order to promote your account and go viral you ne to produce content on a regular basis. The frequency of posting here is higher than other channels.

The trick is in the story itself

Influencers post videos per day. They can be Israel B2B List delet early and remain in drafts. But during the week you’re going to have to shoot new videos to get into the trends. The earlier you shoot videos for new trends the better your chances of getting featur. In order to be remember recogniz and subscrib you ne a single concept. This is the subject function or special format of the video you are making. This is important if you are really interest in how to become popular on the Internet. For example the Twitter account found a way to become popular on Facebook by creating stories in messaging conversations. Almost all videos are shot in the same format.

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Bloggers read aloud charmingly standing against America Email the backdrop of a communication with a recognizable interface.  and the recognizable format.  10000 fans. First the user finds the video in the recommendations goes to the account to watch the second part and finds dozens of such stories. If the user likes the format he will subscribe. Content that attracts followers on User Content Conversation on different topics you will get views and recommendations. Even subscribers will come to your channel. But if you find your philosophy and follow it your online popularity will grow even faster. How advertising works on Facebook Now let’s talk about how to quickly promote and become popular on Facebook.

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