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Configur before launching the campaign. Audience collection starts after the settings are made before and historical data nes to be configur to retain the interactive advertising audience on and and you can also create audiences for a period of time in the past.  Audiences Custom Audiences select Ad Data or Pages. Set up rirects to customize your audience Followers that cannot be follow this way but you can choose an audience of all account visitors for any period Active followers will be includ in this audience. is compil bas on.

To set it up go to Audiences Create

User actions on the site. check out the Yahoo Email List different models and walk away without buying. And then the shoes you’ve seen can be seen everywhere on the Internet To set it up you ne to set up events on your website to be transmitt to the pixel view category page view product card add to cart purchase. You will also ne a file that contains all product data. For larger projects with a large number of products and a large number of visitors. Typically us by online stores. How to Use Retargeting Audiences Inexperienc locators focus only on website visitors and think that retargeting opportunities have been exhaust.

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Choose shoes in an online store

They miss out on most of the audience and opportunities to optimize their marketing campaigns. Let’s look at strategies forof the other way around. Click on the time of website visits to divide users People who visit your website will better remember your offers. They are usually available recently I can perform the purchase. For clicks from this America Email type of audience the price will likely be higher because the conversion rate is better and the campaign will still be profitable. Therefore it is best to single out such users in a separate campaign. Users who visit the site for a long time can still become your customers. Maybe they lack conclusive.

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