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Social ranking analytics and followers on Facebook. Good for comparing with competitors’ accounts getting data to target and search influencers. Interesting article in continuation of topic: Factors Affecting Publishing Performance. Project Share: Project Statistics and Factors Affecting Release Efficiency Recently through projects we have had major activity. Not that it was a hugely successful launch but it certainly gave us a lot of useful feback ideas and traffic. Some time after posting we had an idea why not do research on products post on the site by analogy to the research our users do on pages on social networks using our tools.

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In this article we conduct research on Christmas Island B2B List campaigns: audience engagement statistics bas on various parameters time of posting topics us product characteristics. As a bonus at the end we provide statistics on which products are still support and which are not. Research Methodology As of 1/2/2019 the activity data of various products are collect via . Product health data is updat on Jan. Since launch dd/mm/yyyy products on the homepage have been analyz. What characteristics did we consider: date and time of posting number of images in product cards presence of videos hashtags and number of tags searchers number of likes relat active products their position at the top. When conducting our research we did not find any clear correlation.

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Between the number of reviews for a product America Email and its position in  and therefore did not take this feature into account.  are always releas on different dates it is not possible to compare them by position in the . To calculate how close a project is to a project we calculat the relative percentage of engagement receiv relative to the day’s leader using the following formula: The proximity of the item to . To determine the liveness of the project we pars all sites with publish products disregarding mobile apps.

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