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Will offer you jobs on a regular basis. How to talk about work in social networks This is difficult for two reasons: First fear interferes. Second we often feel that there is nothing special to say because nothing unusual is happening in our work. perform similar tasks every day and they seem like a chore to you. And to an outsider they seem interesting. So tell us about news in your industry your successes with projects conferences attend and career development. Of course try not to look like an upstart or worse someone building a personal brand. Follow Company Life Learn more about the company on social mia before your interview. Not only look at official accounts but also: Activity of Russian-speaking users in social networks in.

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Research social sharing: Activity in social Argentina B2B List networks analysis results of recent studies The activity of audiences in  depending on popularity content formats the algorithmic newsfes of the social network itself the time of day day of the week and many other factors. Bas on a community analysis conduct by annual users we aggregat data from tens of thousands of different public pages of the social network taking into account the characteristics of a total of 100 million posts. We share the results of our research: we discuss the most effective days of the week and times of the day to post and the ratio of number of posts to number.

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Of subscribers interest in publications of different America Email text lengths on different sites and more. For detail methodology and the full version of the study please read:  annual social network audience activity study. 2010 Social Network Audience Activity Study. Dependence of activity in social networks on day of the week On average Monday and Sunday are the most popular across all social networks. Last year users were most active on Tuesdays. According to the results of the study activity on.

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