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Investment strategy because it requires investment in expanding production lines. But it is useful and profitable in the long run. All are examples of how to apply differences. Differentiation strategies are essential in selling products or services in this era. We cannot guarantee that our customers will stay loyal to our products forever. Because competitors are looking to steal customers away from us. But we can create different points in the minds of consumers. for the competitiveness of the business ustomers. at a price that consumers see as being worth it until they agree to lose money in exchange Increase the convenience of accessing products and services.

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That does not focus only on stores or online alone Bhutan Email List but must be access easily and quickly, rucing the complexity of the process and elevation from traditional promotions Come to create a story (story) in various forms to reach the customer’s participation at the emotional level. that is not focus on selling only When a customer becomes a brand loyal customer who have receiv good experiences and memories from that brand Until repeat purchases and finally until the spread of the word to others to know Become a sponsor of that brand by default. As a brand itself, it is necessary to maintain the quality of products and services to meet standards.

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An always create a good experience so as America Email not to let customers change their minds to find competitors The fifth phase of customer touchpoints is keeping our brand in mind, repeat purchases, and word of mouth. The A marketing strategy will help marketers better understand the digital consumer. And let brands know how to plan each step. A proper understanding of the customer journey will help you better understand your customers. And will help ruce costs and increase sales.

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