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In addition, by using cloud services, companies do not need to worry about other support costs for running their own IT infrastructure, both related to hardware, software, energy costs, dedicated rooms, expert personnel, and many more.

So if you use the cloud , the initial cost of this service will later be transferred to the cloud service provider , while the company only needs to pay routinely the required service fees because the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure in the cloud is the responsibility of the service provider.

Competitive advantage

Some companies choose to keep all IT resources local or internal but this concept

Places the company at a strategic disadvantage. This can Whatsapp Mobile Number List make it difficult for these companies to compete with other companies that have migrated to the cloud who can easily increase or decrease their IT resources in a more targeted and cost-effective manner.

Companies implementing cloud- based solutions can benefit greatly, both technically and commercially. Of course, this can have a positive impact on future business activities. If companies want their business to stay ahead of their competitors in today’s modern computing era, then migrating to the cloud is the right step to take.

Guaranteed safety

Many people have a misunderstanding regarding cloud migration in a company which is expected to be a risky step because the cloud is considered not safer than internal IT infrastructure.

Regulations and industry security standards to ensure data protection

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For Example, Prevention of Unauthorized Access to Data. Including America Email Through the Use of Strong Firewalls. Two-factor Authentication, Advanced Encryption. Virus Protection, Ddos Protection, Etc., Should Be Provided.

In the Cloud as a Basic Standard Part of the Service. Companies Can Even Choose to Adopt a Multi-cloud Infrastructure. Approach to Strengthen Security and Keep Their Operations. Smooth From the Risk of Data Loss.

This assumption turned out to be wrong because the cloud actually offers more guaranteed security. Cloud service providers are required to comply with strict international.

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