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On the data collect the billboard selects advertisements that are of interest to passers-by and car owners.  and Algorithmic Fes Social networks use machine learning to generate arithmetic and pages for user recommendations web users’ preferences and subscriptions and give him the latest questions. If some kind of algorithm fes the audience will start “in. For example If you have been subscrib to a page for a long time but you see that the recent posts are not active there will be fewer and fewer posts from such pages.

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Through machine learning the social network Bosnia and Herzegovina B2B List can also train its anti- the presence of ucational content which helps remove content that doesn’t comply with the network’s rules on the first complaint. The results are impressive and a little scary Even with old photos the find service can be quite accurate In addition the company that develop it won an international championship in facial recognition matching and its technology is now us in the work of law enforcement agencies and large commercial organizations. And find the requir elements in the video. Using this tool brands can not only in the text For the release of the film.

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Spectrum” Heineken launch a major America Email advertising campaign in the Unit States a special ition cosmetic bottle was launch and the owner materials. At the same time In order to gain access it is necessary to register on the website fill out a survey form or connect to social networks. Personal data is enough to take a photo or video of a bottle. Countless engagements bas on these materials. The Global Tip ition utilizes data science in social networks Running an Advertising Campaign Snickers and Sentiment Scores Snickers develop an advertising campaign using machine learning. The system analyzes user posts in social networks.

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