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The campaign is currently unavailable. We explain step by step. Go to select the post you want to promote click the own. Enter the requir parameters click the Create Promotion button to complete the campaign activity and exit this section arrow in the upper left corner. Go to the Audiences section in your ad account. Here you will see the audience creat  mark as creat using. Click Audiences on Target Ads by clicking on the it button. And exclude groups of users who interact with your profile How to Create a Follower Campaign Test different audiences and creatives run a campaign to.

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Attract subscribers in your ad account.¬† use Office 365 Email List After selecting a goal set up your target audience Choose the gender age or age of your potential subscribers and even if you have work with your audience’s interests in mind. To better understand your target audience it is important to use advanc analytics data. To analyze any account in this network and other social networks placements where the service is useful to you In the placements section the option to it placements remains only. No story ads HI also stat its off. In the future try testing different placements launch simultaneously Fe your willingness to choose target advertising.

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Placement budget specifi in. Target advertising America Email Keep. Your daily costs to a minimum so you have time to adjust campaigns before you run out of money. However it is not advisable to arrange the budget below the ruble for the advertisement that the system simply cannot promote reaching the requir number of times to select the audience you want to click on. Set up target ads meet the rest of the bids and leave the adjustment options at their defaults. Choose the promotion budget format on Choose the ad format to promote photo or video in fe photo and video in story carousel in story are all suitable. Remember that photos are shown in seconds and videos.

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