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Attitude you can use all items together or choose any one. Targeting Choosing a target group to sell products or services, there are groups: Mass Market or selecting all target groups Suitable for large companies with very high capital Not suitable for starting businesses Segment Market or selecting according to segment, such as males, ag years and over in Bangkok Niche Market or selecting a specific market which can create add value to the product Positioning Brand positioning to differentiate from competitors There are types in total.

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Product positioning bas on emotional Japan Email List feelings (emotional) such as image, luxury, good looks, expression of social status product positioning Which mainly adheres to functionality (Functional), emphasizing on the quality of the product or service. Benefits at a reasonable price product positioning that hold on to make a difference (Differentiation) is possible either the difference in mood or the use of the product. Or it could create a new perception that is an experience. and add value to customer groups Brands and Experiential Positioning Starbucks Experiantial Positioning Source.

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Pinterestpin The importance of differentiating America Email and effective brand positioning We ne to understand the business we do. Knowing the real nes of customers Including the context that affects our business such as competitors in the market. In order to be able to analyze various overviews for maximum benefit in business operations. And don’t forget that the difference must come from the basis of the potential of our brand whether it can actually do those things or not. Because everything the brand offers is the expectation that consumers will receive. Share to friendsabout product positioning or brand positioning. which in terms of marketing and branding Positioning differentiates.

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