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Question explore your own fe.  you to understand which targeting is more effective and properly focus your campaign setup efforts. what do you know How does it get this data As you scroll through you may be wondering how to know exactly which ad content interests you. Fairly detail information about you as a consumer can be gather bas on your activities on social networks. But even this stat doesn’t guarantee that advertisers will hit their targets. Target ads using approx parameters per user.

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First of all this is the information display on Holding, Investment Offices Email List the profile age gender location. In addition social networks have data on your ownership; relationship status whether you live with family members; do you work in an office; your car make and how much you are willing to spend on a new car; crit information; your actions The systems and email clients obviously do not receive these personal data from your profile. In fact will read from other sites you visit. Explore ads in progress To understand how targeting works start with yours. You can find out why you’re seeing a particular ad. To do this click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the.

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Banner In the list that opens select Why America Email am I seeing this . You’ll see which campaign settings are us to show you this ad. information and advertising display In most cases the reason is that you belong to a certain category of users bas on demographics or interests. But you might come across another explanation people similar to existing customers. The targeting feature in Similar Audience Ads means that the ad is configur to show Lookalike Audiences. is a powerful marketing tool but you ne a key audience to get start. This is the list of clients you import into your ad account. You can download or email phone numbers or user lists in text document format. All your clients’ accounts will be found and lookalike audiences will be creat bas on the collect data It will.

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