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You how to get it done and what might go wrong. comply with the Advertising Policies. Additionally ads with a Russian geolocation must comply with the requirements of Russian legislation Advertising Copyright Law. Detail rules for advertising: Promotion of illegal products and services alcohol tobacco products weapons auctions micro-loans false documents malware bypass systems cryptocurrencies is prohibit. Ads may not discriminate on the basis of race ethnicity color national origin religion age gender sexual orientation mical condition marital status or gender identity. Strict requirements for adult-orient content.

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In addition to prohibiting nudity inĀ  poses and Jamaica B2B List overly explicit or sexually provocative movements are not allow in ads. Ads for weight loss products may only be shown to audiences over the age of 10. Dating Services may run advertisements only with written permission from Dating Services. You may not use personal characteristics in your ads: name race religion cre age sexual orientation gender identity disability mical and financial status. Following these rules will increase your chances of passing an audit on . Check the amount of text in the image The text plac on the ad banner should not exce. According to the social network such ads are most effective. Failure to comply will ruce the ad’s coverage or disable it entirely.

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The amount of text on the image is check America Email by a neural network not a human. Sometimes she made mistakes and adoptĀ  textures for text. Words are wordmarks watermarks and numbers. . Check text counts for large images each card in the carousel and video thumbnails. Before starting the update check the amount of text with a special tool. It will determine how much text the neural network sees in your photo. Check the amount of text in.

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