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Most recent publications and download approximate publications. When a post is delet its stats disappear as well. In the posts section you will see Reach Likes Retweets Comments. In hidden tabs Number of times the entry was hidden. complaint. Hides all entries. In the Conversion tab The number of people who visit the community join the community and click on the link. The number of entries in this entry.. Data is updat every minute. Group Statistics Post Data Upload Statistics for Groups Statistics can be download in or format and analyz on a computer. To download statistics for a page click the Upload.

The number of clicks on the link

Statistics button locat in the upper right Lithuania B2B List corner.  to select Upload format Time interval Type of data to export community statistics or record statistics Data type. Uploading and exporting statistics By default statistics are upload on a daily basis. To analyze data one month at a time create a pivot table. The record statistics in the upload are more detail than the records in the account. Shown here Publish Date Post Author Entries Full Text Links to Post Reach Subscribers Viral Ads All Number of Likes Number of Retweets Number of Comments Number of Hide Number of Complaints Hide All Community Records Number of.

B2B Email List

A window will open with options

Transition to Community Community America Email Subscriptions Clicking External Links. Processing statistics in Personal Page Analysis For all users whose number of subscribers exces the statistics of the personal page will be open. Yes you can simply ask who the hell is this The user in question is unfriend. I’m sure everyone has one. A link to the community page is locat under your profile photo. Profile statistics The stats on a personal page are similar to the stats for a group but with an abridg version. There are only three sections here Coverage Attendance Events. How to view your page’s stats Similar to crowd stats analyzing these on the stats.

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