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Lets see what Positioning has. Market Positioningof a brand or product in the market we are in. in the eyes of consumers Our brands are premium brands, high-end brands or normal brands. What sector of the market are our products in? For example, our products are products that are classifi as low-fat products. Our products are organic products. Nes Positioning brand positioning to meet consumer nes This type of positioning can conduct qualitative research on customer groups in order to obtain their nes and connect them to the market. by delving into product groups such as premium chocolate brands.

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Classifi as Enchantment low calorie food Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List Classifi as a weight control food group Brand Positioning Brand positioning is fundamentally different from marketing positioning. By positioning the brand is how the brand designs the presentation of the image. to occupy a space in the minds of customers Brand positioning strategies therefore involve building brand associations in the minds of customThe Forces Model by Michael E. Porter is a model us to identify and analyze the five forces of business competition. that is determin to be applicable to all industries.

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The Forces Model analysis was develop to America Email identify or shape the structure of various industries. to decide how to set up a strategy that is right for the business and analyze how much the impact is This model has been us in a wide range of industries and businesses. There are stressors as follows: Five Forces Model industry competition How many competitors are there in the industry? Who are they? How is the quality of products and services compar to us? In the event of high competition, we may fight by rucing product prices or doing various marketing promotion activities But on the other hand.

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