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Pages.WHAT STATISTICS ARE US  of followers number of likes number of comments number of video views profile reach profile views story views. From these numbers other metrics are calculat account growth rate average likes and comments engagement rate. With these metrics you can compare different accounts. This is very useful when you are buying ads from bloggers. Or you want to evaluate what kind of content users like more such posts will have higher that is more likes and comments. This knowlge will be.

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Useful in developing a content strategy you’ll Barber and Hair Salon Email List be  to what your subscribers already like and they’re more likely to get a lot of likes. Tracking statistics allows you to evaluate the correctness of your operations. For example you sell bags. Earlier you post photos of bags in your showroom. These photos were taken by professional photographers. He sets up lights and works on shots for a long time. But you doubt that people would be interest in seeing a photo of a bag against a white background. You decide to post more frames of girls walking down the street with your bag sitting in a cafe that is showing how your product looks in real life. You think it’s a good idea but the photographer disagrees.

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Statistical analysis will settle the controversy America Email During the week you post a picture of a girl with a bag. And evaluate the results of this week and the previous week. Analytics will help evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  commission to set up ads and work with bloggers. How to view statistics on Facebook There are two convenient ways to view account statistics from statistics own account; using services that analyze pages in social networks own and other people’s accounts. You can view account statistics within the social network itself. This feature is available for users with connect business accounts. Everyone can do it. To connect a business account and the ability to view page stats on it go to the options menu In the.

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